Tips for Statement Jewellery

Tips for Statement Jewellery

When we talk about fashion, we often have our own rules that we seldom compromise upon. But a peek here and there to understand a few tips doesn’t harm, right? So here are some pointers to keep in mind when you wear statement jewellery for your special events!

1. If you got a nice chunky piece that is bold and gorgeous, allow it to do the talking! Choose minimalist and monotone attire in order to draw focus towards the jewellery. Avoid heavy prints or too many details on the clothing.

2. If you have a gorgeous necklace, stunning earrings and magnificent bracelet, try not to wear all of them together! Too many jewelry items will not make any of your beautiful pieces stand out!

3. Make sure to choose your earrings with care, since this is the first thing that comes to anyone’s notice when they look at you or talk to you.

4. Work towards finding between you’re the neckline of your dress and your necklace! A strapless, V-necked, or scoop necked top shows off your necklace much better than a closed neck dress.

5. If you choose to wear a bold ring, make sure your hands and nails look well done up. A statement piece on the hands focusses attention on your fingers, which thereby need to be in top shape!

6. Decorate your wrists with great looking bracelets and cuffs. Make sure you wear short sleeves, or a monotone top with long sleeves to accentuate the effect of the cuffs.

7. When choosing your jewellery, ensure that you are not simply accessorizing the outfit, but are in fact ‘building-up’ the outfit. For instance, wear colourful beads with a boho dress, or chandelier earrings with an elegant cocktail dress.


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