10 Bizarre Fashion Trends

Fashion trends come and go. Some are serene, some scream loud, and some remain understated. But some are purely outrageous! Here we list down some of the most bizarre trends that have caught the fancy of people all across the globe. You needn’t follow them, but then it’s always good to know!

1. Pajamas in the day: A style best reserved for the comforts of your home, you shouldn’t be caught dead in them while walking down the street! Breezy, loose and comfortable, pajamas are adored by all of us, and are staple home wear when you just want to lounge around. But maybe you should take just a bit more effort when dressing up for the outdoors?

Pajamas in the day

2. Socks and Sandals: A style that should be attempted with utmost care, the socks and sandals combo has had many miserable fails! A trend that can look both outrageous, yet soaked with style, you have to careful with the type of socks that you want to pair with your sandals!

Socks and Sandals

3. Dyed Armpit Hair: A trend that is making the world go ‘Ugh’ and ‘Wow’ at the same time, the recognition here is being received not because of beautiful blue/pink/yellow armpit hair, but because of the alleged feminist message it carries. But all said and done, unless you want to join the movement, pink hair showing from the arm holes gives us the creeps!


4. Fedora: An accessory that can definitely spunk up your look, over-doing it, or wearing it with the wrong attire can really beckon the fashion police to arrest you! The fedora also is choosy with regard to the kind of faces it can look great with. So try one at the store, and look yourself up well before stepping out in these!

Bizarre Fashion Trends - Fedoras

5. Hoof Footwear: When God has given you feet, why would you want to strut around in something that actually looks like a hoof?! Creativity has no limits, but you can at least pose some on your style!

Hoof Footwear -Bizarre Fashion Trends

6. Fast food fashion: This fashion trend can only make sense if you really want to look like a burger walking down the street! Or well, if that fast food chain really paid you bagfuls to promote their brand. The trend really has the potency to catch the attention of all passers-by, but definitely not in the way you’d like!

Fast food fashion - Bizarre Fashion Trends

7. Full Lips: Well, here what we really want to point out are huge lips, that girls tend to make even huger, in order to look attractive. But there is definitely a borderline beyond which they can appear vulgar. Lips that are too large, and boldly done up are not attractive at all, ask the guys!

Full Lips - Bizarre Fashion Trends

8. Colour Pop Fur: Well hey, there goes that Christmas tree down the street- That is not the kind of compliment we are fishing for when adorned with our multi-coloured expensive fur coat! These look wonderful at photo-shoots, no doubting that, but as you get off your car and enter that grocery store, you are bound to be a jarring eye-sore! Leave this trend for the celebs!

Colour Pop Fur - Bizarre Fashion Trends

9. The Handlebar Moustache : Beard and moustache trends are rocking the fashion scene across the globe. This particular moustache, that literally resembles a cycle handlebar, is a rage with young men. A quirky style, full of fun, this needs deliberation before inculcating the look in your daily routine. The moustache definitely looks out of place, other than at a party or a weekend trip!

The Handlebar Moustach

10. Leggings all the way: Leggings are a great fashion item, but they are meant to be worn just as leggings, probably under cute long tees or under dresses etc. But choosing to wear these instead of jeans or trousers is a total blunder! Imagine wearing a shirt with leggings, this makes for a look that only be categorized as being totally unchic!

Leggings all the way - Bizarre Fashion Trends

So, are you game to try any of these?

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