Tips to Save You from the Fashion Police

Of course you know what to wear and what suits you best! But unfortunately, there might be times when you miscalculate the impact of your ensemble. You may have a gorgeous piece each of a blouse, a skirt, shoes and accessories, but when put together, it might be too over-the-top, or may even turn out looking uncouth!

Keeping the following tips in mind might rescue you from such situations, so read on!

1. Too much skin – Mystery is what attracts people, so reserve some skin for this effect! Wearing a cleavage revealing dress, which also is backless, short and sleeveless might look distasteful, to say the least. The golden rules of fashion suggest attracting attention to the revealed parts by covering up all the rest!

2. The Oversized Trend – Come winter, and we are all dolled up in those leggings, boots and oversized sweaters and coats. But hey, always remember that ‘oversized’ clothing is actually designed to fit loosely on your size. It isn’t like you could strut about wearing your Dad’s sweaters! And of course, don’t go overboard with the oversizing. For eg: oversized jeans AND top together will make you seem like you are swimming in those clothes!

oversized-clothes-Tips to Save You from the Fashion Police

3. Denim Attack – We love our denims like second skin. And we got it in jeans and in shirts. But trust us, pairing the two can look like an un-chic uniform. Maybe you could try a light denim shirt with dark denim pants or vice-versa, but avoid going true blue all the way!

Tips to Save You from the Fashion Police

4. The Size Factor – Squeezing into smaller sizes or, wearing clothes way too baggy for you are not a good idea for your self esteem at all! The former accentuates your flaws and the latter, well, doesn’t show you at all. Choose clothing of your size that flatters your good points, and we know we have many!

5. Bling Party – A little bit of bling adds class to any outfit, but overdoing it only makes you look like a Christmas tree! Keep it understated, if wearing with printed clothing. Opt for bold, chunky pieces with silhouetted monotone dresses. Scarves and stoles are also a great idea!

6. The Socks and Sandals Trend – This is one is a really tricky trend! And you could go horribly wrong with this one if you don’t exactly know what you are doing! Pairing the two is an art, and doesn’t always work. If you really want to adopt this style, avoid socks with contrasted toes and make sure there is enough ‘skin gap’ between the ‘ending line’ of your outfit and the start of the ‘sock-line’.

Tips to Save You from the Fashion Police (2)

7. Animal Prints – A little bit of animal print in your outfit can look amazingly attractive. But here again, understatement is the key. Coupling together animal printed trousers, tops, bags, belts, scarves, boots are a definite no-no and scream out bad taste in clothes.

8. Mixed Prints – This look can be quite a jumble and a bit of a puzzle. If the mix of prints for your selected outfit goes wrong, people will simply steer clear of you, wondering what in the world you are up to! But if you have made up your mind to mix your prints, some fool proof combinations are stripes and florals, and anything goes with those cute polka dots. So give these a try!

Tips to Save You from the Fashion Police - Mixed Prints

You were always a stunner, and with these tips in mind, the fashion police is never going to round you up!

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