Fuchsia And Lavender Half Moon Nails – DIY

If you would like to try out a manicure that is not in the ordinary category you are in the right place. Fuchsia and lavender are two beautiful and feminine colors and combined with the mysterious charm of the half moon on nails, result in this cute and elegant nail art tutorial that can be done by anyone, no matter if they are professionals or not. Let your nails grow a little bit, around medium length and get your nail polishes out from sleeping to start making this tutorial!

What you will need:

– clear base coat;
– lavender nail polish;
– fuchsia nail polish;
– thin polish brush;
– some reinforcement labels;
– top coat.


1. Prepare your nails for the manicure with applying a base of clear coat on them (this will help your polish stay more on nails);

2. Apply the reinforcement label to the base of the nail, a little under the middle of it because you want most of the nail covered with colored polish.

3. Paint one or two coats of lavender polish on the upper side, then remove the labels from each and every nail while the polish is still wet.

4. Take the thin brush and line the half moon as you can see in the pictures.

5. Finish the manicure with a top coat, let it dry and you are done.

Fuchsia And Lavender Half Moon Nails - DIY

Photo courtesy: blog.lulus.

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