Easy Steps in Making a Beautiful Bun

Classic buns are great, but when you combine braids with buns something special is created. Having the classy effect of the bun and the elegant note of the braid, this hairstyle is glamorous and perfect for special occasions. And on top of that, you can make it for yourself and this will make everyone think you just got out from a hair salon when in fact you have made this hairstyle in a few minutes at home.

What you will need:
– a hair comb;
– some hair elastics;
– bobby pins;
– hairspray.

1. Wash and dry your hair as usual and split it into three sections: two small ones in the front and a big one at the back.
2. Take the comb and give volume to the back sections then add some hairspray to it.
3. Gather the hair from the back section into a ponytail.
4. Give volume to the hair from the ponytail again then create the bun and fix it with some bobby pins.
5. Take both sections of hair, comb them together and put them on one side.
6. Start braiding the hair from the front all way long and attach it to the bun. Fix with bobby pins as needed.
7. Loosen the loops of the braid a little bit then apply hairspray to the hair for a better hold. Enjoy your out of salon look!

Easy Steps in Making a Beautiful Bun

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Photo courtesy: veckorevyn.

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