How to Look More Competent at Work

What makes a woman look more competent at work? Besides the usual business attire, studies have shown that makeup plays a huge role when it comes to looking competent. People judge a lot based on physical appearance and their own personal perceptions and observations. Some students from Harvard made a research and took some photos of 50 women without makeup and then 3 types of photos with makeup with an evening look, business look and natural. Most people from the research stated that a stronger makeup with taste looks more professional on anyone.

How to Look More Competent at Work

So besides makeup there are a few other things that can make you look more competent and they are:

1 Be timely: people who are being at work on time are considered trustworthy and they are able to complete tasks on a scheduled time.

2. Prioritize: knowing what to do first when you have a list of things to do is essential, this shows your capabilities to analyze and select information in order to complete tasks.

3. Dress smart: of course makeup is important as we said in looking more competent but we can’t ignore the dress code. Shirts and business attire is the best choice.

4. Be neat and tidy: being well groomed, having a clean hair are also essential things, you can’t ignore a beautiful hairstyle and put makeup on, they don’t go great together. You have to have both.

5.Be helpful: helping others can be a huge bonus in a company where it is rewarded, that means you have empathy and you care about being a part of the companies success.

6. Be relaxed and keep your temper: no one wants to be around angry people, so people who can’t hold their temper are considered unprofessional and unbalanced. A nice attitude shows also great education.

7. Be prepared for whatever you might encounter, don’t let things to take you by surprise and always think that something unexpected might come along.

8. Look your best and keep your space clean: the way you keep your space at work shows a lot about you, probably the same way you keep your things at home, so look nice, dress nice and be smart and prepared in whatever you do.

Photo courtesy: 1. yourbeautyadvisor; 2. forbes.

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