Myths About Facelifting Uncovered

Facelifting is a procedure that more and more women are open to try, some of them are still scared though because there are lots of myths around and about plastic surgeries. We have selected a few and try to explain them for you to understand better what facelifting really involves. Besides knowing all of this, always try and find a professional in the domain, it is every important to go to one like this, not just a random surgeon who does facelifting.

So what are the most common myths about facelifting?

1. You turn to a face lift only if you are old.
False. This procedure is done when it is needed. If you had problems with weight before then it means you might have some excess skin and then you want to remove it with this procedure.

2. Facelifting is a priority for women.
False. It isn’t, it is just an option from many others out there that can solve a certain problem and needs of a person.

3. The effect of a lift is not very long.
True. If you have an unhealthy lifestyle, this type of procedure can still look great on you for 7 or 8 years, but if you keep it healthy you won’t need another one for 15 years. Either way, it is not a lifetime thing, you still might need another one.

4. An universal way to remove excess skin is the endoscopic method.
False. Endoscopic facelifting is a non traumatic procedure compared to classic ones and it can be used only to remove skin on neck and cheeks. The rest goes to classic procedures.

5. A facelift can correct a double chin.
False. It rarely can, because a double chin is excess fat so you need a different procedure to remove it, like liposuctin.

6. Facelifting can be replaced by conservative methods.
False. Facelifting is a very powerful procedure that is effective. conservative methods like therapy, radio frequency or ultrasound facelifts are good but don’t give the same results.

7. You can’t make a facelift if you smoke.
True. Smoking it is not healthy no matter from what viewpoint we look at it. Smoking can only complicate the healing process after a facelift procedure so it needs to be avoided at least 2 weeks prior then 2 weeks after the intervention.

If you have other myths you can break and want to share them, don’t hesitate to write us in the comments section below!

Myths About Facelifting Uncovered

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