Interesting Way to Remove Split Ends by Burning Them

Whatever you are thinking now, do not try this at home. Even if it is weird, you can really get rid of split ends with the help of a candle. The procedure is called “velaterapia”, it is practiced by some skilled hairstylists and consists in running a burning candle back and forth over twisted hair sections by burning the split ends of them. It is hard to believe but this strange practice gives amazing results and improves the health of the hair and the way it looks. Lots of celebrities, like Gisele Bundchen, have tried it and loved it, so if you know a place where you can get it, you should definitely try it at least once to see the results it has on your hair.

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What it is so special about this procedure is that instead burning all the hair, you just burn the ends that are split, too dry or already dead. The flame and heat opens up the hair follicle and preparing it to absorb more moisture in it. After burning it, the hairstylist is applying a deep moisturizing mask for health. As we previously said, do not try this at home by yourself and be sure that this brazilian hair burning treatment will make you hair more healthy and shiny so it is worth the risk. Do you know how much you have to stay in the salon to complete this treatment? For about 2 hours, but it is worth every minute of it and you can do it every 3 months. Another great things is that you don’t lose anything from the hair length as it is minimally invasive. Would you try this?

Interesting Way to Remove Split Ends by Burning Them

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