Lipstick Made of Crayons – DIY

You can literally make a lot of beauty products by yourself at home and today we will focus on showing you how to make lipstick from crayons. There are lots of women who say if they could choose one makeup product to wear it would be the lipstick so let’s see how to make some. The best part of this is that you can create unusual colored ones like green, blue or yellow to use to parties.

Lipstick Made of Crayons - DIY

What you will need:
– colored crayons;
– an empty palette if you want to make more or a small recipient like a container with lid if you make just one color;
– half teaspoon of shea butter;
– half teaspoon of any type of oil (if you have argan oil it is great, if not, coconut is great too);
– a big metal spoon;
– heating source (like a candle);
– some glitter (optional);

1. Take the crayon and remove the paper from it.
2. Mix the two oils in the metal spoon, then take the crayon and break it into pieces and put it also into the spoon.
3. Put this over the candle and let everything to melt until is omogen more creamy.
4. Put the composition into the container and let it cool down. Repeat the same process for the other colors.
5. Apply the lipstick with your hands or a pencil.

Lipstick Made of Crayons - DIY

Photo courtesy: beautylish

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