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It’s pretty safe to say that safety pins are such an important part of our lives (get the joke?) They basically save you from wardrobe malfunction, and thus, from embarrassing yourself. But do you know you can also make DIY safety pins fashion items? Safety pins are pretty universal, but also versatile. We are pretty sure every house has at least a few of them. And well, that’s another reason why you need to experiment with safety pins. After all, there are tons of things you can pair safety pins with. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas.

First, we’ll start off with something we all have: old, unused blazer or jacket. With some chains and safety pins (lots of them), you can give your boring blazer a 180-degree makeover. The decorations would make your old blazer a new casual, fun style.

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Next we have leggings, pants, or jeans. Like the blazer, adding safety pins to your pants can give it a ‘punk rock’ feel.

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And do you know that some runway, designer dresses actually include safety pins to their design? The good news is, you wouldn’t have to cash out thousands of dollars. Just attach safety pins around your dress (you might need several dozens of them), as well as on the hem and the straps.

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The trick doesn’t work only on dresses; if you’re lucky enough to find a massive-sized safety pin like this, congratulations! Attaching it to a blouse means you have just successfully recreated a high fashion look.

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Golden safety pins would also make a decoration to your shirts. Simply stick them to the collar neatly for a more glam look. Or if you have some beads around, you can also try making these bracelets out of safety pins. Safety pins can also be used to beautify your necklaces.

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Be creative and come up with your own ideas! If you have any interesting idea on how to add safety pins to your fashion items share it with us below!

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