Lovely Bracelet Made from Safety Pins

Lovely Bracelet Made from Safety Pins

Go quickly to a haberdashery and buy a box of safety pins and a tiny beaded bag, because you have to try to put this amazing idea into practice.

So, you will need:

– a handful of safety pins
– thin elastic
– small colorful beads

Directions to do it:

1. Open the safety pin and shove the beads on the side that closes.
2. Close the safety pin.
3. Pass the safety pin through two rows of elastic: an elastic at the bottom, which will be inserted through the hole of the pin, and an elastic at the top.
4. Make sure all safety pins “pulled” through the elastic have the side with beads in exterior.
5. When there are enough safety pins to cover your wrist (arranged vertically near each other) tie elastics.

Lovely Bracelet Made from Safety Pins 1

Photo courtesy: buzzfeed.

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