Cleopatra Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Together with an egyptian inspired costume and not only, also for a more special night out, the Cleopatra inspired makeup in an amazing choice. Full of mystery and making the eyes stand out more, a few people will be able to resist the charm of this type of makeup. This looks even more gorgeous on baby doll eyes and focus on making the lines perfect as you will see in the tutorial. A lot of women won’t dare to wear this as a nighttime makeup even if they would love it. You think you are one of them? We hope that definitely not! We hope that you will try it and see how this suits you. Don’t forget about your brows, they need a nice shape too! After finishing the look, wear something gold and white, will make you look like a goddess!

Cleopatra Inspired Makeup Tutorial

What you will need:
– eyeshadow primer;
– flat liner brush;
– black liquid liner;
– mascara.

1. Apply the eyeshadow primer on your lid, even if you don’t use any eyeshadows, it will help the liner to last much longer.
2. Start then to make a straight looking line, something that follows your lower lash line, but it is exactly under it and end it with a flick headed upwards.
3. Line your upper lash line the same way, but this time make the line much thicker and of the same length as the previous one.
4. Your lines at this point should look precise and sharp as you can see in the pictures. Use mascara to finish and your eyes are ready to hypnotize!

Photo courtesy: beaishappy.

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