Bold Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial


For all of you who don’t know what shyness means we have a bold eyeliner makeup tutorial that will make sure to catch everyones attention. This is nothing like the classic cat eye, it is a little bit more than that, it’s much more stronger. We are sure a lot of you got bored of normal and usual ways to line the eyes, and it is time for some changes and new and creative ideas. You will be surprised how fast you can make this and how unique it will look so give it a try.

This type of eye line looks amazing on bright colored eyes as the black makes an awesome contrast with it and also on dark colored ones, which will be highlighted more (if you will want a contrast for dark eyes, we suggest you just use a different colored eyeliner and follow the same technique).

What you will need:
– black eyeliner;
– mascara.

Directions: After you have prepared the eyes the usual way you do (primer, eyeshadow), it is time to line them. Just start from the inner corner of the eye and go to the outer corner with a thin line. Go about 1 cm out of the outer corner then do a perpendicular line on it that is again about 1 cm long. Go back to the inner corner and draw this time a cat eye but a little over your lash line, until you unite it with the one from the outer corner as you can see in the picture. Fill in the shape and finish the look with some mascara! That was all!

Photo courtesy: makeup.

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