Black And Orange Dazzling Makeup Tutorial

Orange is considered a color that is suitable for summer, but that is not true. Even if it is cold outside you can still wear it, either you choose to do it through a clothing item or a makeup look. Orange creates a perfect contrast with all eye colors so you don’t have to be concerned if it suits you or not. The thing you should consider tough would be your skin color, as orange can make certain skin types look pale.

Black And Orange Dazzling Makeup Tutorial

What you will need:
– eyeshadow primer;
– black eye pencil;
– beige and yellow eye pencil;
– orange and dark brown eyeshadow;
– yellow eyeshadow;
– black eyeshadow;
– mascara;
– different makeup brushes.


1. Prepare the lids by applying eyeshadow primer on them.
2. Apply a line under your eyebrows with the beige eye pencil then start applying black color on the lids with the black pencil (apply in the inner and outer corner by leaving the middle blank).
3. Put some black on the lower lid and also waterline your lower lash line.
4. Take a small blending brush and start blending the black color on the lid.
5. With a different brush, apply orange eyeshadow on the lid insisting in the middle part of it.
6. Apply more black on the areas where you think it is necessary then some dark brown on the crease of your eyelids.
7. Take the yellow eye pencil and apply some product in the middle of the eyelid then apply some yellow eyeshadow over it to make the eyes look a little more brighter.
8. Finish the look with some mascara and if you want apply some fake eyelashes on your lid. This dazzling and splendid makeup is ready and we hope you will turn lots of heads around when adopting this look!

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