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Makeup can be used in different ways to make your eyes look bigger and today we will show you one of them. No matter the size of your eyes, probably you would love to make them look even bigger as long as they look balanced compared to other features of the face. This effect can be created thanks to a beautiful makeup look, so by making this you will have double benefits, your eyes will look bigger and you will enjoy an awesome makeup.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger- Smokey Eye Tutorial

What you will need:
– eye primer;
– white-beige opaque eyeshadow;
– black and brown eyeshadow;
– black liquid liner;
– black eye pencil;
– makeup brushes;
– mascara.

Directions: You can begin with priming your eyes with a very thick eye primer, you want that because you want the eyeshadow to stick to them. Apply the white eyeshadow on the lind, then take a thin makeup brush and start making the lines with black, this will create more depth. Look in the pictures to see where exactly you want to apply the black eyeshadow, somewhere under the bone. Blend the black outside and also apply it to the lower lash line, but don’t go all the way to your inner corners. Take the brown eyeshadow and apply a little bit on the edges of the black and blend the colors together. With the black liquid liner you can make a cat eye and with the black pencil you can waterline your lower lash line. Finish with mascara and look at the amazing results!

Photo courtesy: imgur.

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