Amazing Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween


It is the season for Halloween and it is time yet again to start thinking about your costume for this year! Those of us who are lucky enough to be wizards at planning already have their acts up their sleeve. But some of us wait for the right idea to strike, no matter how late in the day it gets! And this is why you absolutely must go through these last minute ideas on how to dress your best for Halloween this year! Best of all, these are DIY ideas, so no need to go hunting around for accessories at the 11th hour! Enjoy the ideas and the video below!

Dig out that dress you wore for your prom, jazz it up with your tiara and make yourself a sash, and ta-da! Enter the Prom Queen! Or maybe try a cowboy look, complete with a hat, shorts, high boots and a check shirt. Game for dressing up like a baby? Just walk in with your nightdress, a soft doll, two plaits and an innocent baby-like expression! Dressing up like Minnie Mouse can be fun and easy; just wear a red T-shirt, a pair of jeans, a hairband on which you could attach ears, and don’t forget to colour the tip of your nose with black! Readying up like a cat can also be easy breezy; wear a black t-shirt, black jeans, a pair of fake ears, attach a fake tail, and make some whiskers on your cheeks and you are good to go!

From animals to cartoon characters, movie stars to just another neighbourhood personality, there are plenty of options for your costume!

A deer with antlers; a flight attendant with just a quick combination of a pencil skirt, a shirt and a cap; a nerd with big glasses and dungarees; Audrey Hepburn with an LBD, a string of pearls and a tiara; Sherlock Holmes with a beret cap, smoking pipe, trench coat and obviously a magnifying lens; a mime with a painted white face, pants with suspenders, white gloves and a striped tee; Ariel with a red wig, blue t-shirt and carrying a Nemo soft toy….there are just endless options out there if you just squeeze in a wee bit of time on your imagination!
Now that we have given you a start, get set to rock that Halloween party in your very own costume! Psst! Let them think you had this planned all along!

Photo courtesy: popsugar.

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