Best Halloween Masks You Can Pull Off This Year

Halloween is coming ever closer! While it’s true that Halloween should be about costumes, crazy makeup, or trick-or-treating, you shouldn’t forget the importance of finding the best Halloween masks to complete your look. Halloween masks can also be pretty handy if you don’t know anything about makeup, or if you don’t have the confidence that you can recreate those YouTuber’s complicated Halloween makeup looks. After all, you’d only have to put the mask on and you’re done!

Here, we have compiled some of the best Halloween masks you can try out this year. Keep in mind, though, that some of them come in fantastic price. Some are slightly more affordable.

Jackdaw leather plague doctor mask

The handmade mask is created by the Banwell couple from California. Their love for art and leather has inspired them to work on different kinds of Halloween masks. Their most famous product, perhaps, would be this plague doctor mask. The mask is made of leather, dye, thread, rivets, acrylic lenses, and buckle. Plus, the masks are pretty light. As the website described, each doesn’t weigh more than 125 gram or around 5 ounces, and thus, suitable for hours-long Halloween parties. And don’t worry; the mask comes with nine ventilation holes on the bottom of the beak for ease of breathing, so you won’t pass out. But most likely, you’d have a hard time enjoying the drinks and the food.

Rabbit mask in leather

This year we lost an icon, Hugh Hefner. If you’re feeling flirty, try rocking this leather rabbit mask created by the Banwells. The vegetable tanned leather is used to make the mask and is also available in white or red. It is medium in weight.

Leather Wolf Mask

If you’re coming with your partner, this leather wolf mask would be a great companion. Your partner can come as the little red riding hood, and you, as the big bad wolf. It also comes painted your choice of black or gray with white highlights.

Leather Art Nouveau Mask for Eyeglass Wearers

Wearing glasses? Can’t wear lenses? Don’t want to miss this year’s Halloween euphoria? You’re not without an option. The mask is specially designed to be worn comfortably with eyeglasses. How? If you notice, in order to fit the glasses, the nose bridge area is purposely cut open and the temple area is also cut out.

Tricanster Steampunk Gas Mask Respirator in black iron colors

Nothing is hardcore enough? Try this handmade steampunk leather respirator mask. Weighing just 277 gram (about 10 oz), the mask certainly doesn’t look light with all the intricate details. It also comes in a different variation, called Steampunk Gas mask No. 66 in black iron leather. The mask no.66 would cover your entire face, in case you don’t feel like maintaining awkward eye contact with your friends while wearing a gas mask.

Eyecage Leather Mask in Gold

If you want to enjoy Halloween refreshments without having to take off your mask, this Halloween mask is the perfect option. It’s described as, “A simple little mask really, with leather bars covering the eyes.” Your mouth can freely enjoy whatever served!

Roxy Leather half mask in red

For girls who have planned to Halloween party with makeup on, this mask would be great. The mask is inspired of a popular Rococo mask. However, it is also influenced by the popular Phantom of the Opera mask which covers only half of the face. Made of vegetable tanned leather, you can wet the mask then form to fit a face.

Photo courtesy: TomBanwell.

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