How to Be a Total Witch: The Must-Have Hat

This year’s Halloween may have passed, but it’s never too early to start planning your next year’s Halloween concept. Nowadays, when dressing up as the popular characters of the year is the trend (cue Harley Quinn, Ash, Ghostbusters, and Presidential Candidates), dressing up as “original” Halloween heroes isn’t common. If you’d like to revive the Halloween spirit without looking outdated, a little tweak on your costume is necessary. Dressing up as a zombie, Frankenstein, or an evil witch doesn’t mean you need to look old and boring.

Kate Koprowski from HandiCraftKate knows this very well. That’s why she created this handmade felted witch hat. Kate, who takes pride in her craftsmanship and uniqueness, came up with this aesthetically pleasing felt witch hat made of 100% real sheep wool. Each hat is carefully hand-made, and precisely put together individually. You can say, each hat has its own fingerprint, since she strives to create unique products. The hats are made from square one; not crocheted or knitted. This is why it’s understandable that it takes her around 3 days to finish a hat.

Kate’s love for mythical creatures such as the witch and her felting talent are what pushed her to work on these amazing hats. While not many would be interested in such hats, Kate stays true to her passion.

Now, are you ready to be a witch?


Photo courtesy: HandiCraftKate.

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  1. I Love this hat and would love to have one. But there’s no instructions as to how to make one. At least not that I see. It if it’s not a DIY project then it should say where I can buy one and it doesn’t. Thanks

  2. I apologize for not seeing it before, but I went to the above link for the instructions on how to make the really cool witches hat above. I noticed there was a price of $55.00 for the witches hat, and it also said something about the tutorial. So I clicked it with the intention of choosing the tutorial option instead of paying that much for someone else to make the hat for me. But again, silly me, was mistaken. There was no option to BUY a hat, the only option was to BUY the instructions. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me??? $55.00 for god damn instructions?? Or, excuse me, tutorial. That’s absurd, and the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. What part of the country or world does this person live that people are that shitty and think that it’s ok to be greedy as fuck. Everyone has the right to make a living- but why not actually WORK, make the hats and sell them, or sell the materials and instructions in a “kit” but to me this is exploitative and just plain ugly. I hope I never run across her if I’m ever lost and need to stop for directions- I wonder how much she would charge for that? God don’t like ugly, and karma is a bitch!!

    1. Hi Tamara,

      Please check the link again because there is a Shop you can access. The hats are quite expensive and maybe the $55.00 for DIY instructions is justified. Nevertheless you can also search on Youtube for tutorials.

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