How to Spot that Well Dressed Fashionista

You can really tell when a well dressed woman or man walks into the office or the mall or wherever. A zillion pairs of eyes follow her/his every move, and that includes yours! Right from the accessories she has in her hair to her sleek stilettos, you make a mental note of every thread, material and bead and rush to the nearest store to get something just like hers. The same about men: from top to toe you find each part of the outfit inspiring. Or maybe, we are talking here about you!

how to know you are well dressed

Here are a few ways to know that you are that well dressed person that people gawk at, admire and want to be like:

1. You accumulate compliments on a daily basis, and not once in a blue moon.
2. You are confident everyday of the attire you have chosen, and are never caught over or under-dressed for any occasion.
3. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery! When your friends corner you into telling where you got that belt from, and then land up the next day in something similar, ah, you know it!
4. You can describe your own style in the minimum of words.
5. You already own the things that will feature in tomorrow’s ‘must-have clothing list’.
6. Your tailor gets more visits from you than your eager friends!
7. You are the go-to shopping and style guru for make-overs and shopping sprees for family and friends.
8. You have often been complimented on the streets by total strangers, only to be asked where you bought a certain item from.
9. People secretly check out your Instagram posts for outfit inspirations.
10. Whenever sifting through old photos, you are never upset with what you looked like 3 months ago, because for you, fashion has never gone awry!
11. You are gifted with care, since you have very particular tastes. Your friends often go crazy trying to find something that you will like!
12. You are a layering genius, and can put together a gorgeous look even when you feel that you have nothing to wear.
13. You are not just about expensive stuff. It serves you just as well to shop from a bargain store, because you have that gifted knack for trend spotting anywhere!

So what did we land up with? Are you the fashionista that we are talking about here? Well, all the above points needn’t be true for you, but even if you are half-way there, that’s definitely a pat on the back!


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