Last-Minute Simple Halloween Hairstyles

No one is not excited for Halloween! Halloween allows us to bring out our inner child, dressing up and living our wildest fantasies. However, if your adulthood responsibilities keep you occupied until the last minutes, try out these simple Halloween hairstyles so you still can attend the parties in style, but without spending your money going to the salon or doing your hair 5 hours in advance.

Let’s see what kind of hairstyles you can rock within 10 to 20 minutes.

1. Cruella de Vil Costume

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The Dalmatian 101’s villain is perhaps the first embodiment of evil we saw as a kid. Even if you’re a dog person, try recreating the iconic villainess this year. To make this look, frizz your hair up using a comb. To fake the gray hair, spray half of your hair in white using a temporary hair dye (in case your hair isn’t dark, use some black dye spray for the other half side). At last, finish the look off with red gloves, a fur coat or blanket cigarette holder (or a rolled, black paper with one silver edge and the other edge, white) and little Dalmatian doll.

2. Rosie the Riveter Costume

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It’s the girls’ power! Let everyone know you’re the capable girl by recreating the famous Rosie the Riveter. All you have to do is a pin up hairstyle, then finishing the look off with a red spotted scarf.

3. Black Cat Costume


More of a cat person? Show your love for cats by turning to a cat lady. No, not an old cat lady. We meant an attractive, cute cat lady. Steps to create this look: start by making a ponytail. The ponytail has to be super high and fluffy. Next, using hair balm, smooth the top down and top with cat ears. You can even make your own headband by attaching black foam ears to a headband. To complete the look, find makeup tutorials for the cat eye look.

4. Vampire Costume


Okay, Twilight is over, but the hype for vampires never die. Go classic and let your hair loose. For the makeup, a black lip and eye makeup would do the trick. Using eye makeup or black face paint, create a faux V-shaped hair toward the center of the forehead.

5. Lady Gaga Costume


Let’s be honest: whatever Lady Gaga wore feels like a Halloween costume, isn’t it? But it’s her bow that takes the trophy for the most iconic hairstyle she’s ever had. It would only take you smoothing balm, bobby pins, and a few loops to create the hairstyle in few minutes.To complete the look, find some massive sunglasses.

6. Doll Costume


Next on the list is the doll costume! To begin, cut an entire bundle of yarn (you can use different colors) that is twice the length of your hair. Place it over your head and spread off the strands so they fit naturally with your hair. At that point pull your hair into two ponytails. You’re done and ready to go!

7. Ghost Bride Costume


Inspired by the corpse bride, the ghost bride is merely another variation to the creepy concept. Give your hair a messy and dirty look using hair products you already have. Wear a creepy old, white dress and if possible, find withering flowers and gather them together, wrapped in white lace or cloth to create an eerie bouquet.

8. Princess Jasmine Costume

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Begin by separating your hair in the center. Create a low ponytail. To create the sectioned ponytail, use two more elastics. Finish your hair off with a crown, or a necklace that serves as a crown and you’re finished.The hairstyle is so easy, it feels like a whole new world 😉 Now you’re ready to hit the city with or without your Aladdin on the magical flying carpet.

9. Princess Leia Costume


Disney princess isn’t for you? Don’t worry. If you consider yourself to be more of a Star Wars geek, try becoming Princess Leia this year. Create pigtails from your hair. But not just any pigtails! Place them closer to the front of your head than the normal pigtails. This way, the buns will cover your ears just like the general Leia style. Braid the pigtails, and create buns. Using bobby pins, make sure they’re firm enough. Paired with a white dress, and perhaps, a light saber, you’re all set!

10. Pirate Costume


Are you ready to hijack the party? Again, create a braid or leave your hair loose. Tie a red scarf around your head, then wear an eye patch and make sure you bring around a bottle of rum. Just try not to pass out drinking too much. Oh, and make sure you sound like a pirate!

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