Learn How to Make Your Own Homemade Zebra Cake

There aren’t many cakes that can suit everyone’s taste; but we all can agree that the ever so popular zebra cake is one of them. It’s hard to imagine anyone saying they don’t love this state-of-art dessert! However, unlike black forest, red velvet, or other similar cakes that require complicated baking process, zebra cake is most well-known for its simplicity and delicate taste. That being said, you can actually make your own homemade zebra cake. Now, how awesome is that?

Zebra cake, which also goes by the name marble cake in some countries, combines two of the most popular flavors – chocolate and vanilla. And, really, what can go wrong with such combo? The cake is often eaten together with a cup of milk, and there’s no way anyone would say no to such a delicious treat.

However, just like any other cakes, there are tons of ingredient variations that you can use. The taste may not vary greatly; but choosing the right ingredients is extremely important. For instance, for a more savory taste you can use butter instead of oil, and put in less sugar or cream depending on your taste buds. Some people prefer chocolate glaze on top of their cake for a more sophisticated look, but some prefer the cake the way it is. Another pro tip: you can add cloves and cinnamon for a different taste of the cake! Check out Homecookingadventure and the video below for ingredients and their mixtures.

Now while you can use any ingredient you feel fitting, another challenge when it comes to baking zebra cakes would be creating the signature “zebra” effect. After all, is it really a zebra cake without the stripes? If you’ve been wondering about that, you have come to the right place.

The trick is actually very, very simple. As you divide the batter into two (one with the chocolate mixture and the other one without), simply create layers of batter on the pan. Start with white batter, then the chocolate batter; until both have been used. Simple, right?

If you don’t have a specific recipe in mind, you can try baking the zebra cake using the recipe below. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: @ChillyFrosting.

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