Jeans Dress - DIY

You know we are not fond of getting rid of your old jeans, and we always bring some idea of how to use or reuse these jeans reinventing them in one way or another.Today is also the case, for we found this gorgeous dress that you can make out of an old pair of quality jeans.

You will need:
– old jeans;
– scissors, needles, thread;
– sewing machine.

Directions: Start by undoing the inside seam and the one uniting the crotch. When done, use the scissors to cut down the inside angle that normally covers the inside area in between your legs. You also need to undo the exterior seam from the bottom up of each crotch for the armpit area of your dress. Try the pants on like a dress, upside down, fixate it with some bobby pins, and start sewing with the sewing machine. Look at the pictures for more details. Enjoy, and make sure you share the result with us also.

Photo courtesy: Avia Reuveni.

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  1. The photo of the dress (designed by me) was stolen from my Instagram @aviareuveni by a blogger who posted it on secondstreet as if it was made by her… I’d really appreciate if you could mention that. Thank you!

    1. The Blogger on secondstreet just posted the picture of the dress with comment: ” Great idea! I found it on pinterest. But don’t know how to sew the dress.” She didn’ t say it was made by her.
      I think it’s a great idea to upcycle jeans and was looking on google for an instruction. Finaly i found it hear.
      Thank you!

  2. What a beautiful idea! My daughter is 25, and this would be perfect for her. Now, to the thrift store to look for jeans large enough. She wears a size 10, any idea what size guys jeans I would need?

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