Pom-pom Necklace Scarf – DIY

Pom-pom Necklace Scarf - DIY (2)

Have you ever thought of combining two necessary things in one? This is the kind of product we will speak about today: the necklace-scarf. An advantage would be that when you are not cold you can use this product as a necklace, and if it gets chilly outside you can make it into a scarf in no time. The best thing about this necklace is that you can make it in your house.

You will need:
– 4 differently colored yarn;
– sharp scissors.

Directions: For creating yarn pom poms, you need to wrap the yarn around your 4 fingers and when it is enough, just tie everything in the middle and cut the opposite curves. Make different sized poms by wrapping more or less yarns around fingers. The necklace presented in the pics consists of 10 poms, six large and 4 smaller poms. You can choose for different dimensions or arranging for a different looking product in the end. Do not forget to keep the ties long on the finished poms, for you will need them later. When you are done with the poms, take the yarn color you want your chain to be made of, and cut a total of 9 equal pieces of yarn, after you cut them, tie them in a secure knot and separate them into three equal sections and start braiding them to create the necklace chain, secure it when you get to the end. When you are done, measure where the center of the chain is, and start placing the pom poms, tying them to each other and the chain, in whatever shape or order you feel like. Now you just need to enjoy your work, and take pictures for sharing your product with us.

Pom-pom Necklace Scarf - DIY

Photo courtesy: bleubirdvintage.

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