Ingenious Way to Remove Nail Polish – DIY

Nail Polish Remover - DIY

Now, you can make your own pre-moistened foam that removes even the darkest nail polish without cotton. This is a trick you can make with things you already have in your home, therefore it is really cheap.

You will need:
– foam or a soft sink sponge;
– small pot with lid;
– nail polish remover;
– scissors.

Directions: If you are using the sink sponge, you should first remove the thick part. Mold sponge so that it is the ideal height of the little pot. Be careful to be well stuffed with foam. Strengthen the region you put your finger in, with the help of a pen. Pour some nail polish remover directly on the foam, and your remover is ready to use. Do not forget to seal the pot for the polish remover not to evaporate. Enjoy!

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