How to Make Roses On Nails – DIY Nail Art

When it comes to flowers on nails, usually women use decals because they are so hard to make with free hand. Floral prints are in trend all year so why not make them as often as you can very easily with this technique. Depending on the season you are in you just change the colors, for summer you can use vivid ones like turquoise, light pink and coral and for winter or autumn use darker colors, like brown, orange and copper and you can have flowers on your nails all year. Wear a nice girly dress, make this design and you will be surprised how cute and charming you will look!

How to Make Roses On Nails - DIY Nail Art

What you will need:
– turquoise or mint green nail polish for the base color;
– base coat;
– dotting tool;
– red and light pink nail polish for the roses;
– green nail polish for the leaves;
– top coat.

1. Apply base coat on nails then apply the turquoise base color and let your nails dry very well.
2. To make the roses you will use a dotting tool. Put one drop of red next to one drop of light pink on a paper, insert the dotting tool exactly where the colors merge then start making half circles until you reach to make a rose. One nail can usually have between 3 to 4 roses.
3. After you have made the roses on each and every nail, clean the dotting tool, insert it in the green polish and make some leaves next to each flower.
4. Let the roses dry and apply top coat to finish the design!

Photo courtesy: @safnails.

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