Colored Zipper Pouch – DIY

Colored Zipper Pouch - DIY

If you are in vacation, or you just have some free time in your week-end, and you want to spend it in a pleasant way. We have an activity that you can make with your children or even if you’re alone, and you’re thinking about making a colored surprise for a child you love: the zipper pouch.

You will need:
– several zippers;
– sewing machine;
– zipper foot;
– fine needle;
– sewing needle and thread;
– iron;
– some extra fabric or bias tape to ass a hand strap.

Directions: Carefully align the metal edge of the zipper, unzip them and stat sewing them right side together. For safety, sew a couple of stitches just above the ends of the zippers. For the aditional hand strap, cut a piece of bias tape to the desired length and sew along the edge, fold it in half and slide inside the bag. After that fasten in place. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: mullherprendada.

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