Tips to Keep Your Purse Clean and Organized

Let’s be honest. Most women have their purse completely unorganized and everything becomes a jumbled mess. There will always be a lot of things that stay days, or sometimes even weeks without being used. Cosmetics, perfumes, books, accessories, documents, sometimes even shoes or some clothes, they can all be found in a bag. The worst part is that you get a really heavy bag, and you have a hard time finding the things that you need. We all know how unpleasant is to stay in front of the door, and not be able to find the keys between the multiple things inside your purse. Organizing it will help you feel more in control.

Start by getting rid of the things you don’t need (pens, mirrors, business cards, etc). Throw away any broken things, and store the ones you need somewhere in your house, make sure you don’t put them back in your bag.
Take a look through cosmetics, if you don’t have a cosmetic bag, then let a few items in your bag. Pay attention to the expiration date, this will prevent your skin from various problems.

Time to put things back in your bag : before choosing the goods you might need to do a simple exercise. Think about how often you used a certain thing last month. Never? Then you won’t need it for sure.
When you switch bags, change the things according to the weather. Don’t carry an umbrella the whole summer, just because you’re afraid of rain.

An easier way to arrange things in your purse is to use a special organizer.  Having it in your bag will somehow force you to put each thing in its place. Moreover, this organizer is perfect for those who change their purses frequently.

Now that we are done, the most important is to not go back to the starting point!

Purse Organization

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