Make Your Own Coin Purse with Soda Tabs

We haven’t really thought much about that can of soda that we finished and threw away, have we? Well guess what, after reading through this tutorial, you just might start finding yourself searching around in trash for the soda can! Well, not really for the can, but for the tabs. There sure is wealth in waste, and we will teach you here how to make a fabulous coin purse just with thread, soda tabs and a clever hand with the needle! Crochet skills are required!

You need:
– a thick thread of your favourite colour;
– crochet needle;
– as many soda tabs as you can lay your hands on!

How to go about it:
1. Start by creating the base. You will have two options:
  a. Connect two soda tabs with the crochet technique. Continue on until you have a chain that is of reasonable length. Now join the two ends with crochet knitting to form a circle. Check out the video below to see the technique.
b. Crochet a flat circle with 18 columns, then add soda tabs piece by piece until you obtain a round shape. See picture.
2. Make the next row of soda tabs on this circle by knitting through the upper loop of the bottom tab and lower loop of the upper tab.
3. Keep arranging circle after circle until you reach the desired size.
4. Make another set of soda tab circles in the same manner.
5. Sew on a zipper to both sets of soda tab circles, so that they get connected at the zipper.

You now have a superbly fashionable coin purse that doesn’t cost a dime, is fun to make, and is environment friendly! So go save the world and have a trendy fashion accessory, all at once!

Make Your Own Coin Purse with Soda Tabs

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Photo courtesy: omakoppa.

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