Ways to Create Volume to Your Ponytail

Create volume to your ponytail with these tips and tricks and you will look like you just got out from the hair salon. Ponytails are great to wear in summer when it is hot outside and you want to grab your hair up, they look amazing on long hair. Follow these ways to make a voluminous ponytail with these methods.
1. Comb teasing method
Split your hair into sections, leave especially one on the top of your head so you can cover the hair you will tease. Grab some hair next to the one you have put aside and tease it as much as you can then add some hairspray to it. Gather all your hair in a ponytail and fix it with an elastic, and some bobby pins if needed. Loosen the hair a little bit if you need a more out of bed look.

Ways to Create Volume to Your Ponytail (2) Ways to Create Volume to Your Ponytail
2. Use the volume styler
Especially designed for volume, the volume styler is a product to add to your ponytail and it creates an effect that makes others think you have a lot of hair. The only concern you have is how to properly cover it. Follow the instructions from the picture to create this awesome look.

volume styler
3. Hairclip trick
One of the most efficient ways to create volume to hair is by using a hair clip. Gather the hair with an elastic and divide your ponytail in 2 sections. Put the clip in the hair and tease a little bit the upper section of your hair with a comb. Let the hair down and use some hairspray to fix it.

volume to ponytail
4. Two ponytails in one trick
If you want your hair to look like it has a lot of volume and in the same time that is very long, use the following trick to create that effect. Literally split your hair into two sections, one upper section and one lover section. Secure the upper part with a hair clip and gather the lower part into a ponytail and then do the same for the other section that will eventually cover the lower one. Your ponytail will look very long and with a lot of volume.

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