How To Make The Perfect Party Ponytail

When we talk about how to make ponytails you might think what it is so difficult about them. Nothing is really difficult, but the way you make them, will give you different styles. There are classic and messy ponytails, there are elegant ponytails, puffy ones and of course party ones. Usually we wear ponytails when our hair is not so clean like in the first day we washed it or if it bothers some sort of activity we do (maybe we exercise in the gym, clean the house, etc.). So, to not be confused with a messy ponytail, today’s tutorial will show you how to make one that looks like you are ready to party! It is a chic, comfortable and cute ponytail, perfect for dancing all night!

How To Make The Perfect Party Ponytail

What you will need:
– hair clips;
– comb;
– hair bands;
– bobby pins;
– hairspray.

1. Comb your hair very well and separate it into two sections, one in the top of your head and one in the back. The top section you will secure with a hair clip and the low section you will nicely gather into a ponytail.
2. Start teasing the hair from the upper section, to give it more volume. Arrange it in the front so it looks nice and smooth and then add the hair to the ponytail.
3. Take one hair strand from the ponytail and roll it around the hair band to hide it, when you almost reached the end of it, hide it under the ponytail with some bobby pins.
4. Add enough hairspray so your hairstyle lasts longer and you are ready to rock!

Photo courtesy: gilmakeup.

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