Perfect Party Hairstyle Idea

Are you the type of party girl? Do you enjoy going out with friends on a weekly basis and do you enjoy each and every time to look different? If with every occassion you go out you like to impress people with your hairstyle and you don’t know anymore how to be creative and try out new styles, check out our article, it will give you some inspiration. You can easily do this by yourself, just have two mirrors to help you check your back. As a woman, especially if you have long hair it is nice to transform yourself and try out new things from time to time to keep your looks interesting.

What you will need:

– teasing comp;
– hair elastics;
– bobby pins;
– hair clips;
– hairspray.


1. Start with brushing your hair and splitting it into four different sections: two in the front, on the left and right side; one in the crown area and one in the back area. Use hair clips to make sure they stay separated.

2. Gather the hair from the back into a ponytail.

3. Tease the crown section with the teasing comb then clip it down again.

4. Take the hair from the left section, twist it once and connect it to the ponytail.

5. Repeat the previous step also with the hair from the right section.

6. Release the hair from the crown area over the ponytail and make sure it covers it almost like it hides it.

7. Brush any imperfections you see and finish with adding plenty of hairspray to make sure your hairstyle will last all night!

Perfect Party Hairstyle Idea

Photo courtesy: hairstyles-4-women.

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