How To Repurpose Old Pair Of Leggings Into a Crop Top

This is gonna be one of the easiest tutorials you will ever try in your life! You can turn a pair of leggings into a crop top in a matter of seconds. We are sure a lot of you have some old pairs of leggings they don’t want to wear anymore or that are just sitting in the closet. Why not repurpose them into some cool crop tops that are perfect for summer? Honestly, you don’t need any special skills in order to make this and you will understand why we say that at the end of our article. Once you do it for the first time, you will want to keep doing it with all of your colorful leggings! See the directions and the videos below to find the procedure.


What you will need:
– old pair of leggings;
– scissors.

Directions: Get your leggings and scissors on a plane surface and decide on the type of neck for the crop top. You can choose between a round neck, a V neck and a bateau neck. If you make the neck too big, you might have a big cleavage and because the fabric from the leggings is stretching, you will want to be careful when you start cutting in order to avoid that. Better start with a smaller cut, see how it turned out and if you want it differently cut again. You will make the cut on the in area that is between the legs. The legs will serve as the tops sleeves and you will put your head through the cut you just made. The top resulted can be worn with high waisted skirts, pants, shorts, or even low waisted ones if you feel like you want to show a little more skin! Try this out and share it with your girlfriends too, so they can try it also!

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