Waistcoat Out of Old Jeans – DIY

Waistcoat Out of Old Jeans - DIY

Here we have a DIY project of a very cute jeans waistcoat that can be worn over a silk dress to make it look more casual or over any other shirt or tee shirt that you want to use for your everyday outfit.

You will need:
– an old pair of jeans;
– scissors, thread and needle;
– sewing machine.

Directions: Take your old pair of jeans and undo the lateral seams and the interior also, this way, splitting your jeans into two sides: the front and the back one. Take the back side and cut around the back pockets. Take the jeans legs remaining, and sew them to the upper side of the pockets, this representing the area of the vest that will cover your chest. Sew these two ”legs” that cover the chest area together, so that they fit on the back of your neck. Take the face section of your previous jeans and cut one more leg, fixating it to the lateral area of your pockets, this way making the back of your vest. Finish the edges of your waistcoat making a hem all around it. Enjoy!

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  1. Looking forward to making your waistcoat and then more , thankyou for the how to instructions and ideas. Lilliana.

  2. Could you please send me the directions to make waist coat.
    If you have step by step directions. The ones I read on the site was a little confusing

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