Stylish Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

Braided hairstyle - DIY

We have a last minute suggestion concerning your hairstyle for the Christmas dinner. The easiest way to look refined and elegant, since forever, a braided hair looked perfect on any hair color, straight or curly. It is suitable for day and for night also. You can wear it with a comfy outfit visiting your family, or even with the classic little black dress and high heels.

Directions: Comb on one side. Select two small strands of hair in the left temple. Move the bottom strand at the top. Now separate the strand from the top, and place it between the two strands from the temples. Reinsert the bottom strand at the top. Take the new strand from the top, and place it between the crossed strands. French weave waterfall in a similar technique to further blowing braid diagonally – from the left temple to the right ear. At this stage, you need to weave a French braid on the side, making only grabs on the left. Strands of loose hair create French braid, with small tassels on the left. While long hair tassels are securely woven into the main braid. Enjoy!

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