Simple Slippers Pattern – DIY

Simple Pattern Slippers - DIY

Today we would like to share with you the cutest home slippers pattern! Usually, we pick up home slippers that match in one way or another the interior design of our house. These slippers will look gorgeous on your feet, plus they will fit both a rustic home design and a contemporary or minimalist one also.

You will need:
– leather/felt;
– scissors and marker;
– sewing machine.

Directions: Use the pattern that you see in the pictures. Feel free to draw it by hand with no fear. If you want to make a more precisely cut slipper, you can take some measurements so that you make them the right fit. Therefore, measure the length and the width of your shoe sole, then take a third measurement from the center of the interior line of the sole, above your foot and to the center of the exterior line of your sole. When you are done with that, start building the slipper pattern like you see it in the pictures. Put the pattern on the fabric you want your slippers to be made of and mark the outer line, then put it on the opposite side and mark the outer line. By now, you should have two mirrored patterns drawn on your fabric. Start cutting the pattern, then sew them. You should be done in a maximum of half an hour. Don’t be shy and share your result! Enjoy!

Photo courtesy: toe-to-knee.

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