Lace Insert T- shirt – DIY

Lace Insert T- shirt - DIY

It’s been a while we have not brought up a no-sewing-needed project don’t you think! Well, here is a cool come-back (or at least we hope so!). Dedicated to all those that love the hem tape and it’s iron-on nature, and who also love inserted details and lace, the steps we will share with you are suitable for any other clothing article you want to refresh and also with any other shape, not just the half moon like this one.

You will need:
– t-shirt (or other piece you want to reuse);
– lace;
– iron-on hem tape;
– iron
– pen and scissors;
– a printed picture of a crescent moon (or other shape you wish to use).

Directions: Turn the t-shirt inside out and decide on the position of your shape’s template on it. Mark the outer line using a pen. Use the scissors to cut the shape. Now take the lace and place it to cover the shape you cut out earlier. Using the hem tape, attach the lace to the tee by ironing (for safeness use ca damp cloth between the iron and lace). Now turn your tee on the right side and enjoy your work! Have fun!

Lace Insert T- shirt - DIY

Photo courtesy: mrkate.

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