Patched Pocket Panel – DIY

Patched Pocket Panel - DIY

If you missed our denim projects, we are back with: Patched Pocket Panel. Meant to solve a storage problem, it is a very easy to make panel, and you will find that it is always reinvigorating being able to use at least parts of the jeans you used to pay so much money in the past, but that can not be used anymore, because they are destroyed by time passing or stains, or they are just too small.

You will need:
– nine 8″x 8″ cotton fabric squares;
– 3/4 yard cotton fabric for backing and hanging sleeve;
– 9 pockets from old jeans;
– 25″ square of batting;
– thread, denim/size 90/14 machine needle, acrylic ruler, cutting mat, rotary cutter.

Directions: Lay out the cotton squares and place the denim pocket on each square. For a good alignment press each square and pocket in half, lengthwise. Stitch every pocket to it’s square, following the double-stitched lines of the pocket. All the sewn pocket panels you should arrange into 3 rows of 3 squares and sew again each row together. Lay the patched panel right side up and the backing fabric wrong side up and pin layers together. Start sewing leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance, and leave a 4″ opening in the bottom so that you can now turn everything right side out. When done, iron the panel. Stitch around each pocket square the ditch. Now add a hanging sleeve or tack it up on the wall (in this case, be careful what you put into the pockets).

Patched Pocket Panel - DIY

Photo courtesy: whyoffashion.

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