Newspaper Nail Art Tutorial


What do you think about some newspaper printed nails?

You will need:
– nail base coat;
– light nail polish;
– nail top coat;
– newspaper;
– rubbing alcohol ( 70% );
– nail polish remover and cotton swabs;
– scissors.

Directions: First, make sure that you have the perfect little corner for doing this. You will not be pleased if some furniture is getting smudged or ruined. Start by applying nail base coat for keeping your nails healthy, encouraging growth. Use a light-colored polish for the base, any color will do. Use a fast dry coat on top of this colored polish. Let the nails dry completely, be careful this might take a few hours. Cut small pieces of the newspaper, but let these pieces be larger than the surface of your nails. Dip your nail into some rubbing alcohol for about 10 seconds, then firmly press the newspaper piece on your nail, and hols it fixed for about 20 seconds, after that carefully peel it off. When finished with all 10 nails, clean up the edges. Now it is time for the final top coat and you are done! Enjoy!

Newspaper Nail Art Tutorial Photo courtesy: bubblewsnail-art-101razberriez.

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  1. Hello! Do you think this would work with ink from a home printer? For example, if I print a map or song lyrics on my printer, would that ink transfer as well?

    Thank you!!

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