Stylish and Functional Ideas to Renovate Your Old Bathroom

One of the most neglected rooms in your house is probably the bathroom, so if you’re looking to change things up a bit in your house, why not go for a bathroom renovation? This is where we step in to give you some stylish and functional renovation ideas to give your old bathroom a brand new look.

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1. Change the Color Scheme

When you come to renovate your bathroom, you need to consider what color scheme you’re going to pick. It’s advisable to change the colors entirely, and you can even look into unconventional color combinations to really make a statement. This applies to the walls, flooring and the storage and decor as well.

2. Stick On Tiles

Because the bathroom is usually on the smaller side, you’ll find that making changes to the floor and walls can totally transform its appearance.

Usually, changing the tiles is a long and tenuous process because you have to break away the old ones in order to replace them. This is no longer the case. You now have the option to simply stick on tiles. The great thing about this option is that there is such a wide variety of designs to pick from, and installation takes no time at all.

There are also tiles specifically made for bathrooms so that the water and steam doesn’t affect them.

3. Modern Toilets

The toilet generally starts to look older after a while. It has discoloration and mildew that starts to build up, which becomes harder and harder to remove. This is why it’s probably time for you to look into getting a new toilet for your bathroom.

According to the options found at Toiletable, the variety available on the market these days looks modern, sleek, and are extremely functional. Think about the seat height when you invest in a new toilet. Pick the higher ones for the adults in the family and the lower ones for the children’s bathrooms. You should also look into a model that is water efficient so that you can save water.

4. Changes to Tub & Shower

The next thing you need to do is make changes to your tub and shower because these definitely stand out. Think about getting a wide showerhead for a rain-like effect and that also gives you control over water pressure.

Instead of having a shower curtain, put fog-proof sliding doors because this will give the whole bathroom a more elegant and modern feel. When it comes to the tub, think about going a stand-alone tub, as this will definitely make a stylish statement in your bathroom.

5. Statement Basin

Statement basins are all the rage right now, and it’s something that you need for your bathroom renovation project. There are so many interesting options that you can pick from, and they come in all kinds of designs. There are different shapes that can sit perfectly on a marble or glass counter, and this is a great idea, especially for the guest bathroom if you want to impress your guests when they come over.

6. Change the Fixtures

You can’t have a complete renovation project without changing all the fixtures in the bathroom. Antique fixtures looking classy and add a touch of style to any mundane bathroom design. There’s no rule that says you can’t mix a modern design with a touch of vintage, and this is certainly something you should try. On the other hand, you can also opt for a sleeker look by adding simple, chrome, fixtures that will instantly make your bathroom look modern.

7. Add Mirrors

You generally just have one mirror in the bathroom for necessity, but it’s time that you mixed things up a bit and think about how you can place the mirrors in a way that is considerate of the overall appearance.

If you place a few mirrors strategically around the bathroom, you can actually get the illusion that it is much larger than it actually is. From a design standpoint, think about the shape as well as the frame, because this can turn a normal bathroom to something incredibly classy.

Using the tips provided here, your renovation project is going to be successful and will barely take any effort or time off your hands. If you do your homework correctly, you’ll also be able to do all this within a reasonable budget.

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