6 Simple And Realistic Ways To Lower House Utility Bills

Without a doubt, paying hefty utility bills can be a stressful experience and can dramatically complicate a person’s life. Money spent on bills could be used for better things while saving energy is just as good for the environment as it is for saving up. If you’ve been paying hundreds on your utility bills lately and want to drastically reduce their cost, here’s what you need to do.

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1. Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation

It is possible to start saving the money you’d otherwise spend on electricity usage. One way you could do that is with polyurethane insulation spray foam for the interior and exterior of your home. You can reach the most difficult areas with the spray foam.

There are other types of insulation, such as cellulose or fiberglass. However, polyurethane insulation spray foam is cheaper in the long run because it lasts longer. It has been in the market for over 40 years and has been proven to be effective, so no worries, you’ll get a bang for your buck. As for its consistency, it’s thick, simply to use, and it keeps the room temperature stable; it’ll keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and as a result, your HVAC will use less power.

Plus, this insulation spray foam will also prevent air leaks. Even the slightest stream of air coming in from outside can make your cooling and heating system work harder, meaning more energy is wasted due to bad insulation.

This insulation spray has various benefits, such as sealing cracks and keeping pests at bay. It also offers a more comfortable indoor temperature better in different seasons as well as noise control. Further, it adds strength to your house’s structural form.

Exterior Advantage of Using Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation:

The spray can easily be applied to the roof since it is very light, and if the surface is mostly flat, it is very sustainable and can last up to 50 years compared to other products that last between 8 to 10 years. The folks from All Seasons Insulation state that, this way, you can use a smaller heating and air conditioning system because the insulation will keep the roof cooler in the summertime and warmer during the winter season.
Fast Cold Showers

Taking long hot showers can be relaxing. However, taking shorter, colder showers helps reduce power consumption, which will definitely reflect in your bills. You can also purchase a new boiler; old heating systems can consume more power than their more modern counterparts, which are designed to conserve energy. If you shower within a 5-minute period, it can save you more money on your next water, gas, or electricity bill.

2. Wash Clothes with Cold Water

By washing your clothes using cold water, you will see a massive reduction in your energy consumption, which collectively with the previously mentioned tips, can cut your utility expenses in half or more. Using cold water is a very effective way to wash almost all debris from your clothes, and it doesn’t get in the way of removing hard stains if you use the right detergent.

Using hot water can use up a lot of electricity, so changing your laundry routine to only using cold water drastically lowers your utility expenses. Plus, you’re less likely to damage any delicate kind of fabric, seeing as warm or hot water can make your delicates more fragile and can take a toll on them in the long run. You’re also less likely going to suffer color stains because the fabric is less likely to bleed when washed in cool or lukewarm water.

3. Using Smart Power Strips

Phantom power can use up a lot of power. Even if you’re not using some electronics, such as the microwave or a plugged-in fully charged phone, this can add up to your electric bill. A good way to prevent this is to unplug all devices while they’re not in use.

It’s also not ideal for your TV screen and other devices to remain plugged in seeing as that can affect their life span. Another pro-tip is using smart power strips; they work by automatically turning themselves off when not in use. This will be a small investment initially, but you will notice the savings of this wise change in the long run.

4. Lower Your Fridge Temperatures and Use Your Dishwasher at Nighttime

If you keep the temperature from your fridge to 38 degrees F and the freezer to 5, which is what the experts advise, this will be helpful in lowering your utility bills. The food will stay fresher for much longer, as well. You should also use your dishwasher at night, outside of peak hours, to avoid paying extra for the same chore. During peak hours, utility providers increase rates.

You can see a very drastic decline in your utility bill expenses if you follow our tips and tricks. These are some of the simplest ways you can save money and also help our planet stay green. When you go on vacation, make sure to unplug all unnecessary devices and only leave the most important ones on, like security cameras or an alarm system, which you can monitor with your phone from your vacation home.

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