Tips for Dressing Women Luxuriously

Any woman can look expensive even when their wardrobe does not spell Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, or Gucci. These brands undoubtedly make excellent classic pieces. Use the tips below to help you look affluent.

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1. Carry a structured bag

Every chic outfit seems to have a classic, structured handbag. Always splurge yourself with an impressive one. You may change your designer piece from season to season: adorning a Celine now and a Brunello Cucinelli bag for another occasion.

Carrying a structured bag elevates your overall look. If you aim to look expensive, keep the backpacks and slouchy bags off your style. Instead, focus on black handbags with the least hardware because too much hardware can make your outfit look cheap.

The expensive bags from top-rated designers focus on luxurious material and structured shape. Therefore, they have minimal hardware, especially with style, design, and color.

2. Wear pointed pair of shoes

It’s dumbfounding how switching from a pointy shoe to a rounded-toe-shaped shoe changes an outfit. The tampered type says you mean business and is ideal when going to close deals. It adds the ultimate polish to an outfit.

A pointed-toe show helps you go the extra mile in flattering your figure. The choice of footwear is the first thing people notice about a well-dressed woman. If you choose not to wear a high heel, pay attention to the vibe your footwear give off to onlookers. Does the footwear match the day’s outfit? Are the shoes cheap and falling apart, giving you a mean look?

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3. A belt to tuck it in

Similar to how a structured bag accentuates an outfit, so will a belt. Adding a belt to a white shirt polishes your looks. Look for a small, classic leather belt.

When working to achieve an expensive look, the intention is to minimize the statement pieces and pick what looks classic. This also applies to the color palette you’re working with too. Even a simple, neutral-colored T-shirt can look effortlessly chic if tucked into a pair of pants.

When you know what you’re doing, you know you should tuck in any baggy sweater hem or shirttails. Clinch your waist with a choice belt for maximum impact

4. Add tasteful jewelry to your outfit

A high-end look never misses elegant jewelry. Keep off plastic and costume jewelry and focus on timeless pieces such as a watch, hoops, or pearl earrings. Floss with a bit of gold jewelry because you’ll instantly attain a luxurious, affluent look.

You may choose to treat a silk scarf like a piece of jewelry. Tie it around the hair, neck, or purse. This option is a sure way to achieve an elegant, expensive look.

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5. Wear tailored pieces

Even when you don’t have a celebrity’s wardrobe, invest in a tailored pantsuit and a blazer. A tailored jacket is a fashion’s secret weapon. A jacket looks chic when thrown on the shoulders, accentuates denim, and polishes a flowing dress. A tailored blazer can be worn with almost every lifestyle and in many ways. Who else exemplifies this truth but Coco Chanel with her timeless, tailor-tweezed blazers?

Achieving an expensive look for a chic woman is a matter of deliberate effort, practice, and a few more bucks from your wallet!

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