Home Safety When Traveling

Summer is the season for vacationing and relaxing, yet it’s essential that home safety be a consideration before embarking on any trip. Doing this will give you peace of mind that your home will remain well protected while you’re gone.

Make arrangements for someone reliable to come over regularly and check on things while you’re gone, particularly if your trip will last more than seven days. This step may prove especially useful.

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When you leave your home, you have to be sure it will be safe. Learning about best home warranty for water damage and similar unwanted situations is something you absolutely need to do.

1. Make Sure Your Security System is Working

Home security systems contain numerous pieces, making understanding how they should work complex. But it’s better to be safe than sorry: taking some precautionary steps now could protect your house against thieves while you’re gone.

Before leaving on vacation, taking extra security steps will give the impression that someone is caring for your home, which may help deter burglars looking for easy targets.

You could try hanging “Vacation Home” stickers on windows and doors or setting timers on interior lights to make it appear cared-for and prevent potential intruders from targeting it as easily.

Some security systems offer 24/7 professional monitoring while you’re away, which can serve as an additional deterrent against potential burglars and can alert neighbors of any unusual activity in your absence.

2. Have a Neighbor Check In

No matter if it’s your neighbor or someone from the neighborhood, having someone come check on your home while you are away can give you peace of mind.

They can make sure the paper is delivered, check for signs of breaking in, water your plants as needed, and give medication or feed any animals needing treatment – just make sure not to tip off anyone about your trip online as that could alert criminals of your absence – save those pictures and posts until when you return!

Unplugging any non-essential equipment while you’re on vacation can help keep your energy bill under control and save money in the process. Obviously, this does not mean removing electricity for systems you do need, like your security cameras.

3. Have a Pet Camera

Like home security systems, pet cameras allow you to monitor your pet from a distance while away. But unlike standard surveillance cameras, pet cams offer additional features specifically tailored for pet owners such as being able to dispense treats and talking directly with them to calm them.

It’s recommended to familiarize your pets with the camera before setting out on an extended journey. You can do this by showing it to them, letting them get used to its sound, and setting up two-way audio/video conferences from either your computer or smartphone to provide two-way communication while you’re away.

An alternative way of making your home appear occupied while away is having a friend or neighbor visit regularly to water plants and feed your pet – just make sure you meet in a public location instead of your backyard!

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