“Highlight” Ponytail Hairstyle

Make a “highlight” ponytail hairstyle. This hairstyle will certainly be a success in comparison to every other woman that is wearing the simple classic ponytail. Well.. it’s time to grow up from the “prom queen” look.
You will need:
– hair elastic;
– comb;
– small gaps.


1. Separate hair from the top of the head, and make a small ponytail with an elastic. Now sideways, from the temple make 3 small tails.

2. Now the interesting part begins: Divide the upper tail in 2 halves, the first half you should connect through a small gap with a small strand of hair, and the second half of lateral ponytail you will unite to the first half of the middle temple ponytail.

3. Continue doing ponytails by analogy, until you get the desired braiding, which will have 5 tails in the end.

4. Do the same on the opposite temple, and make a new ponytail out of these 10 stripes, under the ponytail from the top of the head, loosen up this top one, and make a hole above the elastic.

5. Through this hole you should pull the second ponytail out of the 10 strings. Feel free to decorate with flowers or other accessories.


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