Confidence is The Key: How to Express Confidence with Your Style

There is no denying that even on your worst fashion day, you look great anyway if you are wearing it with confidence. But getting that confidence can be tricky! Although social media is changing for the better and giving us more options to dress stylish and comfortable, we still sometimes need to do a little inner work to get there. 

Personal Style 

Until you find your personal style, it can feel like you are dressing up in other people’s clothing. Even seeing people with the same body type or interests could be tough before we had access to some of the best-dressed people in the world (thank you, Instagram and TikTok). 

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It is good to keep in mind that fashion is what we can buy, and anyone can buy the same pieces, but style is how we wear it. Style is who we are and gives us the chance to express ourselves. 

Everyone has access to fashion, but not everyone has style. 

Some people are born with style, and others need to work to find what works for them. And if you’re the latter, there is a lot of joy to be had when searching for your own. 

How Can You Find Your Own Style?

Finding what makes you feel good and confident is one of the most important parts of your style. When we find the things we love to wear, we will automatically feel great, and that will show.

1. What You Have

You might think it, but all of the accessories, shoes and clothing that you have purchased to this point are going to be the starting point for your style. Most of the time, there will be repeating trends. It might be that you have gravitated towards florals and soft knits – in which case cottagecore might be calling your name. 

Start pulling out your most worn and most loved items of clothing, and use that as the bases for building your style.

2. Inspiration 

Once you have highlighted what makes the clothing look or feel similar, it is time to find some inspiration online. Social media is a hotbed for people who will be showing people who are looking for style types of how to dress in any genre or style you can imagine. 

Start by googling the rough theme ‘how to style boho dresses’. ‘How to elevate leggings’. Keep your favourite pieces as the main feature and build it out. 

Once you find a few influencers and style icons that meet what you need, start going through their reels, stories, TikToks and more. Start making a note of where they shop, take screenshots of the outfits, and write down the pieces that you want the most. 

3. Pinterest Board

It is going to be difficult to step right into your chosen style, even if you have a few key pieces. Create a Pinterest board and start pinning the looks that you love, individual pieces, makeup looks and even scents that will work with what you want. 

Your Pinterest board will begin to serve as your point of reference, and you can make a list of the items that you want first – and create a budget and a plan. Don’t discount mixing new items with thrift items either. This can be a great way to add something unique to your own style and be eco and budget-friendly. 

4. Confidence 

The missing part of the puzzle! Getting your confidence levels up is a process. So start by making a few style swaps. For example, if you want to ditch leggings and start wearing skirts, start by wearing them around the house – and then start heading out with skirts on. A small and gradual change. 

Find a motto that makes you feel incredible, try something like “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”, or “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms”, and go forth and get your bloom on.

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Stand up tall – really, stop slouching and unfurl into your true height – don’t be afraid to take up space. 

A fallback item – have one item that makes you feel like you can take on the world – and never forget it. It might be big sunglasses; it could be red lipstick – find yours and use it all the time. 

Just remember that as your style is evolving, you are preparing to step into your real self – do it with both feet! 

Keep being AllDayChic!

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