10 Designer Brands With the Best Sunglasses for This Summer

Sunglasses are a staple of summer style. Not only do sunnies protect your eyes from damaging UV rays as you lounge in the summer heat, but the right pair of sunglasses will complete your look, adding shape to your face and enhancing the message you are sending with your fit.

Because you want your sunglasses to match the styles of the summer, you need to invest in a pair of sunnies that suit the trends of the season. Here are 10 designers with some of the best sunglasses styles for this year:

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1. Versace

The House of Versace has long been notorious for going above and beyond in its designs. Today, Versace clothing boasts bold prints, and its accessories dominate the luxury space. If you like your style to push boundaries, you will relish having some Versace sunglasses to complete your looks this upcoming season.

2. Cartier

Relatively unique amongst luxury brands, Cartier launched as a jeweler in Paris in 1847, and though the design firm has expanded from rings and necklaces to offer a handful of other accessories — to include sunnies — it continues to dazzle with its beautiful and ornate jewelry pieces. Cartier shades tend to be flashy in a simple and stylish way, so you can quietly bring attention to your designer tastes.

3. Gucci

The founder of the House of Gucci learned what customers of designer brands liked while working as a hotel bellhop and handling high-end luggage. Today, Gucci offers all sorts of luxury goods, from apparel and shoes to home décor to jewelry and more. Gucci is one of the most sought-after designer brands thanks to its current eccentric aesthetic, so Gucci sunglasses are likely to be a common sight at your summer events.

4. Prada

Though Prada initially specialized in leather goods, today the brand showcases exceptional style in everything from fragrances to footwear. A sophisticated designer brand that prides itself on high-quality materials and elaborate designs, Prada products are both distinctive and timeless, so a pair of Prada shades is likely to turn heads (in a good way) this summer.

5. Burberry

The Burberry brand was created with the invention of a new type of fabric, called gabardine, which Thomas Burberry used to craft his first stylish coats. Today, Burberry is recognized for its simple and gorgeous plaid, which has come to epitomize classic British style. Burberry sunglasses are equally understated but undeniably chic.

6. Christian Dior

Christian Dior is credited with bringing the hourglass shape back into fashion after World War II, and just a couple years ago, Dior brought aviator sunglasses back into the spotlight with its bridgeless design. Dior has a reputation for leading the fashion world to new trends, so if you consider yourself a trendsetter, you might eagerly invest in more Dior pieces.

7. Dolce & Gabbana

As designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana regularly take inspiration from their designs from the stylish and sensual celebrities of the moment. As a result, D&G products can be eccentric, but they can also be incredibly cool and poised, increasing the confidence of their owners. Eyewear from Dolce & Gabbana varies in look, so you might need to search for a D&G style that suits you.

8. Valentino

One of the few luxury designers who formally studied fashion, Valentino built a brand based on immense prestige. For almost his entire career, Garavani Valentino dressed some of the world’s most important women, and though the man himself has retired, the Valentino house continues to develop sophisticated styles within today’s trends. Valentino sunnies tend to be conspicuous in their elegance, with bold and unconventional shapes that are nonetheless flattering on a range of faces.

9. Tom Ford

Designer Tom Ford has an eye for upcoming trends. Drawing upon experience at other luxury fashion houses like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, Ford has a passion for haute couture and the talent to ensure success. As a younger label, Tom Ford takes fewer fashion risks than other, more established luxury designers, but if your style is simple and tasteful, these sunnies might be just right for you.

10. Coach

As a brand, Coach has a tendency to rise and fall in popularity. In the Y2K fashion boom, Coach designs surged thanks to their recognizable monogram in bright, eye-catching colors. After a lull, Coach is back with more young and fun styles, especially in their eyewear line. Coach sunglasses run the gambit from classic Hollywood glamor to peculiarly futuristic, so you are certain to find something you like for this summer season.

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No summer outfit is complete without a pair of shades. Fortunately, you can find exactly the sunnies to suit your style from one of the above designer brands.

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