Expert Tips for Creating a Wedding Theme

There are few things as exciting as planning the ‘ big day.’ Exchanging vows with your significant other is one of the biggest commitments in life. Having someone to ‘have and to hold’ and face the future with is one of life’s beautiful things. In an uncertain world, facing the future as a couple provides stability and comfort. The wedding day is the beginning of a long and happy journey, so making sure your special day goes without a hitch is vital.

Panning a wedding can be stressful, so where do you start?

Lists, list and more lists. To put together a plan, write things down to organise your ideas and make sense of what you want from your wedding.

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Decide on a budget very early on so you are clear how much you can realistically spend on your wedding without putting you under unnecessary financial strain. Stick to it! There are plenty of options for all budgets, so be sure to stay within your means.

One of the tricky decisions many couples face when planning their wedding is what theme to choose. There are a plethora of original and unique ideas that you can utilise to your taste. What different themes are there to choose?

1. Colours

Colours play a vital role in any wedding. Bold colours represent life, vitality and new beginnings. Decide on a colour that tells a story. Use colours to bring your special day to life and create a visual extravaganza.

Start by thinking about your favourite colours. Do you prefer warm shades such as reds, oranges and purple? Or more subtle options such as blue, violet or green? Whatever you choose, spend some time getting inspired by looking at colour charts and consulting wedding magazines to identify which colours work well together.

The experts over at Hitched comment that choosing your colour scheme will help clarify the ‘feel’ of your wedding day, enabling other parts to slot into place.

If you have decided on your venue, consider the surroundings. Does the environment need warming up with bright colours, or is more suitable for something more subtle?

Examine your dress choices. Do you want a traditional white wedding or a unique colour to wear yourself? Do you want your bridesmaids in one colour or several? When thinking about the mother of the bride dresses, there are various colours to choose from that will suit any taste. Choosing the colour will help inform the style of dress choices for you, your bridesmaids and mum.

2. Classic

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To conform to a traditional wedding style the classic themed wedding is a popular choice. Everything about a classic wedding is elegant, stylish and matching. Think formal invitations, through to matching napkins, and allocated seating arrangements.

Traditionally, a classic theme would include taking vows in church, a top of the range car for the wedding party and formal dining. When choosing flowers, most florists will provide a formal arrangement for the bride and bridesmaids. Shop around for different ideas if you have specific requirements.

There are many options for a traditional style wedding reception, such as country hotels or marquees. Compare prices and facilities to enable you to make an informed choice. Most venues are happy to discuss your requirements and many packages can be customised specifically for the two of you

3. Bohemian/festival

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The bohemian wedding theme has gained popularity in recent years. Outside venues like woods and campsites, provide the perfect backdrop for a natural, rustic and charming wedding.

If you like the idea of mismatched colours, unique style dresses and twigs with your daisies, then a bohemian wedding may be right up your street.

There are many ideas you can search online to help you plan your bohemian wedding. Outside tents and hay bales add a rustic charm to the atmosphere. Adorning bridesmaids with unconventional hairstyles like the twist, braided crown or loose bun add to the whimsical nature of a festival type wedding.

4. Fairy tale

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Arranging a fairy tale themed wedding can be lots of fun. It’s a good idea to keep a scrapbook of any images or information you feel you may want to include in your wedding day.

Make it a priority to find the best dress your budget allows. Chances are if you want a fairy tale wedding, you want to feel like a princess for a day. Shop around, try on lots of dresses until you find the one you love. Make sure it makes you feel magnificent.

If the budget allows it, finding a castle to get married will make the fairy tale wedding come true.

Take your time and do your research. Many castles specialise in wedding packages so contact a few and discuss your requirements. They will tell you precisely what they have to offer, which may inspire you further with ideas. They may be able to customise a package to make it to your liking.

5. Tropical

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A tropical wedding is ideal if you have a little extra in your budget. If you dream about getting away from it all and getting married on a white sandy beach, a destination wedding may be a perfect choice.  

A few things to consider: 

  • Weather predictions ;
  • Wedding guest availability ;
  • Cost ;
  • Legal requirements. 

Organising a wedding abroad will require much more planning, so make sure you do a lot of research before booking anything. Check if you need a beach permit, as some countries require this. 

Be prepared that the weather won’t always be on your side. If you are heading for a generally dry county all year round, there is minimal risk of inclement weather but make sure you have a backup plan just in case. 

Do think about your guests. If you dream of having a big wedding, with all your friends and family attending, then be prepared for disappointment. As lovely as it sounds getting hitch on the beach, it is likely that not all of your guests will attend if it is out of the country. 

Whatever theme you decide on for your special day, make sure you enjoy every precious moment. Spending the day with people you love, celebrating your future and happiness is a priceless gift. Be happy! 

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