7 Interior Design Tips for Every Budget

You don’t need a lot of money to make your home look gorgeous. No matter what type of interior you prefer, you can get great results on a budget. Start by following these seven affordable interior design tips.

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1. The Color That You Choose Matters A Lot

A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into a tired, boring room. Some options to consider include:

  • Hazelnut that creates a comforting space;
  • Dark green that imitates the dark green found in natural environments;
  • Muted pastels that highlight the beauty of your home décor;
  • Pewter that makes rooms feel more expansive and elegant.

You don’t have to limit paint to your room’s four walls. You can add a lot of personality to your rooms by painting doors, molding, window frames, and even the ceiling.

You can also mix colors to add variety to a room. In fact, you should probably avoid uniform colors. Too much of one color can make a space feel claustrophobic.

2. Add Space to Your Home With Creative Storage

Sick of the clutter in your home? Find creative ways to add storage space so you can enjoy clean, open floors without getting rid of your belongings.

If you have a garage, you can maximize free storage space by:

  • Identifying unused space;
  • Renovating your garage to get it in top condition;
  • Setting up a DIY workstation to build shelves, hanging bike racks, and other storage spaces.

If you don’t have a garage, you can create space by adding floating shelves, storage ottomans, and other creative concepts to your home.

3. Move Items to Different Rooms

Who says you have to buy anything to make an old room look like new? Sometimes you just need to move items from one place to another. The guest bedroom that you rarely use might have some decorative elements that would look nice in your living room. Your kitchen might have some exciting items that would look neat in your dining room.

4. A New Sectional Couch Adds Personality and Comfort

Few things feel more satisfying than getting a new couch. You probably think that the couch you own feels comfortable enough. You will change your mind once you experience how the best sectional sofas feel.

The Trouper Sectional from La-Z-Boy offers luxurious comfort that lets you sink into its cushions. If you want something that looks more modern, try the Heidi Reversible Sectional from Allmodern. It has an affordable cost, firm cushions, and a beautiful, modern design.

No matter how much you want to spend or what type of aesthetic you prefer, getting a new sectional couch will work wonders for your interior design.

5. Do More With Plants

The right plants can make your interior design more relaxing and attractive. You might even get some health benefits from adding plants to your home. Some studies show that plants can clean indoor air and reduce stress.

Not all plants can thrive indoors. Choose one of the following to get good results without spending a lot of money:

  • Philodendron jungle boogie;
  • Lipstick plant;
  • Hoya carnosa rubra;
  • Rubber tree;
  • Jade;
  • Ficus alii.

You can get more for your money by purchasing small, immature plants. You will, however, need to move them to larger pots as they grow. If you don’t want the hassle, spend extra cash on a mature plant that has already reached its potential.

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6. Use Lighting to Set the Mood

The right lighting can turn an otherwise drab room into the kind of space you want to show off. Interior decorators spend a lot of time thinking about and researching lighting options. You don’t have to get that involved to benefit from immediate results. A few easy tips can make a big difference!

Some options include:

  • Pay attention to the type of bulbs you buy so you don’t choose something too bright or dim for its intended use;
  • Use lighting accents and spotlights to highlight some of your favorite items in a room;
  • Place lamps in places where you can use them, such as by chairs and desks;
  • Explore Hue lights that can change color and intensity.

7. Upgrade Inexpensive Doors With Beautiful Hardware

You can spend hundreds of dollars on beautiful wood doors for your home and cabinets. You can get similar results and save a lot of money, though, by upgrading your doors with interesting hardware. Hardware includes knobs, handles, levers, and hinges.

If you’re willing to spend time hunting for great deals, visit antique stores, yard sales, and peddlers malls to discover hidden treasures. Old hardware can add charm to a plain door.

If you want to save time instead of money, go online to find purchase hardware made by some of today’s most talented artisans.


Don’t assume that you need to spend a lot of money on an interior design project. Even a small amount of money can make a big difference in your home’s appearance. If you can afford a can of paint, you can afford to make one of your rooms look better.

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