10 Bridesmaid Hairstyles For All Hair Types

Choosing perfect bridesmaid hairstyles may not be as easy as it sounds. Each one of your girls are different, so you’ll have the difficult task of choosing bridesmaid hairstyles for short hair, medium hair, and long hair. You’ll have to make sure that your choice works for multiple generations and tastes, and matches the season, your wedding theme, and your own bridal hairdo. 

Finding this balance can be tricky, but we have plenty of examples to inspire you.

The trick to discovering the best bridesmaid hairstyle for your entire bridal party is delivering a few key ingredients. 

  • The bridal party’s hairstyles should match both the wedding theme and bride’s look. 
  • It should achieve a relatively uniform look but also possess enough flexibility to allow them to make it their own. 
  • It should consider their personal style and accommodate their hair length and texture.

1. Bun

Tight buns are the icing on the classic fairy tale wedding cake. If your theme is a little less traditional – rustic for example – there are still plenty of bun options for your wedding bridesmaid hair. A classic wedding bun possesses the ability to transform into any theme depending on how you style and accessorize. 

2. Messy Updo

When there’s a noticeable difference between your bridesmaids medium to short hair, look to the messy up-do, especially for a traditional theme. This style empowers brides and bridesmaids alike to exude a sense of nature and freedom that perfect traditional, romantic, luxe, and boho appeal.

3. Ponytail

The simple ponytail is the perfect way to maximize the uniform look between brides and bridesmaids. While they all share the same framework, the ponytail style keeps them looking similar while their hair’s natural texture and color provides some uniqueness.

You can even encourage each member of the group to explore how tight/low and how high/low the ponytail sits. Also allow them to experiment with leaving a few strands to flow in order to meet the demands of the wedding theme, the gowns, and any accessories being used.

4. Braided Hairstyle

It’s rare that each one of your bridesmaids has the same length of hair. To achieve a sense of team cohesion when your team has long, medium, and short hair, adopt a signature braid. The fishtail braid, in particular, involves hours of intricate strands being woven together into a pure work of art worthy of a traditional wedding but contains a whimsical quality that feels just at home at a boho wedding.

5. Half Up Half Down

Let the front layer hang in a gravity-defying curl. Loosely tie the middle layer back. Braid, twist, or simply allow your tusses to fall naturally. You have yourself party bridesmaid hair ideas that each member of the team will love. You have a half-up hairstyle. With so many options, your bridesmaids will look like a real team next to each other yet each of them will be able to achieve a look that’s uniquely their own.

6. Loose Bun

A loose bun is a great go-to. This look can be easily achieved for almost all hair lengths and textures, is easy to accessorize, and pairs well with almost any wedding theme. As a bonus, this wedding bridesmaid hair option allows the entire group to make it their own while still achieving the cohesive look the bride desires. 

7. Twist

Even without accessories, simple swept-back hairstyles with natural twists are a great option for bridesmaids that are attending outdoor weddings and seeking an effortless look. 

8. Flower Crown

Flower crowns can allow each bridesmaid to make their own unique hairstyles while still looking uniform. Be cautious, however. Flower crowns can take up a lot of real estate and overwhelm not only the hairstyle but the bridesmaids’ face. Use this option strategically and choose thinness that compliments your style and theme.

9. Braided Crown

Crown or halo braids are a pretty way to frame naturally flowing curls for a complete look that offers sophistication for indoor and outdoor weddings. Not only does a braided crown look right at home at a variety of themes, but it also frames the face gorgeously allowing the entire group to flaunt those pendant earrings.

10. Pulled To One Side

Get the best of both worlds by showing off all of the bridesmaids luxe locks and sweeping it to one side to show off the neckline and enhance an open back gown. You can adopt most medium and long wedding hairstyles to this treatment, so if you find something else you like but prefer to show off your skin, gown, and accessories, you have your solution! 


If you choose your bridesmaids hairstyle based on matching it to the bride’s look, the wedding theme, and their personal hair lengths, you’ll achieve the look you desire. If you provide your bridesmaids with the flexibility to tweak your hairstyle blueprints in a way that empowers them to be unique and let their personalities shine, you’ll achieve the atmosphere you desire. Everyone should both look and feel beautiful.

Photos by Monica Smith and Sincerely Media on Unsplash.

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