How to Make a Fishtail Braid

How to Make a Fishtail Braid

Classic braids are awesome and there are so many hairstyles you can create with them, from day looks to wedding hairstyles. But what can you do when you get bored of the classic braid? Try out the fishtail braid that is as easy to make, exactly as a classic one but looks slightly different and interesting too. Fishtail braids are very youthful and make you look younger.

How to make a fishtail braid:
Brush your hair and secure it in a low ponytail with a hair elastic. Take the hair and split it into two equal sections. Now take a small hair strand from one section (you can start with the right one) and pass it over to the other section. Do the same for the other section (left, if you started with right) and repeat the process again and again, by consecutively taking a strand from the right section then from the left section. Your braid should look like in the picture. When you have finished the fishtail braid, secure the end with an elastic and you can add some hairspray to it.

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Photo courtesy: 1. wildlilyempire, 2. hairstylesdesign.

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