Double Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

If you are in for a new and interesting makeup tutorial this one is for you. It is easy to make and also natural looking in the same time. A double eyeliner on the lid is not something that you particularly see everyday but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it everyday, people are just more conservative when it comes to daily makeup. This type of makeup looks amazing on bright colored eyes as creates a specific contrast between the liner and the eye color. Women with dark colored eyes can try it too with the condition to use on the lid also an eyeshadow that is colored.

Double Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

What you will need:
– black eyeliner pencil or black liquid liner;
– white eyeliner pencil;
– light beige eyeshadow;
– mascara.

1. Make your normal foundation routine and shape your eyebrows.
2. Apply the light beige eyeshadow to your lid (if you want you can apply other colors too).
3. Take the pencil or the black liquid liner and line your eyes as close as possible to your upper lash line.
4. Take the white pencil and follow the shape you made before with black exactly above the first line.
5. Waterline the lower lash line to add more brightness to the eyes and apply mascara to finish the look.

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